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What impact does visiting a cultural venue have on adult learners?

Action Led Research:

We have just been awarded an EmCett grant to use action led research to try and answer the above question.

As tutors on the Digability project we have taken out student groups to many heritage sites and museums. At the end of each visit the groups all declare they have had a fantastic time. They have often visited sites for the first time and enjoyed the new experience. They have enjoyed being out with their fellow students. If we are lucky the weather has been great and they have enjoyed being out in the fresh air. But what have they learnt? What do we mean by ‘learnt’? Is it fulfilling a SMART learning objective for the lesson e.g ‘ the learner can name 3 features of a castle’ or is it that heritage sites are accessible and a place to enjoy and discover new things? Is one more valid than the other and how do measure the impact of ‘enjoyment’ on the learner? We are currently looking at the longitudinal impact of visiting a cultural sites. What do students remember of the visit 6 months or a year later? Did it lead them into further study? Did it inspire them to revisit the site or other similar sites? Has the visit had any impact on their well being? Did it inspired them to take up a new hobby such as art or photography?

If you have visited a cultural site in the last six months what was the impact on you? Is it possible to record impact? Is that impact long term? What questions would you ask of your students or visitors?

We look forward to seeing some of your responses.